Determination of Biflavones from Selaginella

  To authorize a HPLC adjustment for the assurance of biflavones from herbs of Selaginella Spring.MethodsThe cavalcade was Elite-ODS5 μm,150 mm×4.6 mm;the adaptable appearance consisted of booze and phosphate buffer,the acclivity action was 0→6 min,methanol 47.5%→70.0%;the cavalcade temperature was 40 ;the breeze amount was 1.5 mL·min-1 and the apprehension was done at 330 nm.ResultsThe boilerplate recoveries of amentoflavone,hinokiflavone and ginkgetin were 97.05%,98.45% and 96.88%(RSD=2.1%,2.8%,2.3%,n=3)respectively.
  Amentoflavone was a accepted basic and its capacity from 12 breed of Selaginella Spring were clearly different.It aswell showed from HPLC the aberration in distributions and capacity of hinokiflavone and ginkgetin from Selaginella Spring.ConclusionThis adjustment was simple,sensitive and accelerated and was actual acceptable for the assurance of biflavones.