What is Catechin hydrate?

  Catechin hydrate possesses two benzene rings (called the A- and B-rings) and a dihydropyran heterocycle (the C-ring) with a hydroxyl accumulation on carbon 3. The A ring is agnate to a resorcinol atom while the B ring is agnate to a catechol moiety. There are two chiral centers on the atom on carbons 2 and 3. Therefore, it has four diastereoisomers. Two of the isomers are in auto agreement and are alleged Catechin hydrate and the added two are in cis agreement and are calledepicatechin.
  The a lot of accepted catechin isomer is the (+)-catechin. The added stereoisomer is (-)-catechin or ent-catechin. The a lot of accepted epicatechin isomer is (-)-epicatechin (also accepted beneath the names L-epicatechin, epicatechol, (-)-epicatechol, l-acacatechin, l-epicatechol, epi-catechin, 2,3-cis-epicatechin or (2R,3R)-(-)-epicatechin).
  Making advertence to no accurate isomer, the atom can just be alleged catechin. Mixtures of the altered enantiomers can be alleged (+/-)-catechin or DL-catechin and (+/-)-epicatechin or DL-epicatechin.